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* Thank you for visiting my web site [#c681e271]
Welcome to Takeshi NAGASE's home page.
In this site, information on Materials Science and Engineerings, and High Voltage Electron Microscopy are posted.
Suggestions, or requests, please contact by e-mail (t-nagase [at] (Please replace [at] to @). 
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* What's New (update 2015/10/06) [#f1b47f74]
- 2015/10/03            [[Seminar, The Japanese Society of Microscopy, Kansai branch>]]
- 2015/10/01            Update, [[Publications]]
- 2015/09/31            [[New web site:]]
- 2015/09/24            [[Experiments, Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture:]]
- 2015/09/16-2015/09/18 [[2015 fall meeting, Japan Institute of Metals and materials>]]
-[[Continued...>What's new]]

* Database [#rc67cf33]
- [[Solid state amorphization (electron irradiation)>Solid state amorphization]] update 2014/12/25
- [[Crystallization (electron irradiation)>Crystallization]] update 2014/09/01
- [[Cross section for atomic displacement (electron irradiation):]] update 2014/02/21
- [[Amorphous wire / rapidly solidified wire:]] update 2014/02/20

*Research topics [#a8ce471e]
**High Entropy Alloys [#je280903]
-[[Irradiation damage in High Entropy Alloys]]
-[[Solidification structure in High Entropy Alloys]]

**Material modification by fast electron irradiation - electron knock-on [#c8c147d8]
-[[High Voltage Electron Microscopy]]
--[[Cross section for atomic displacement]]
-[[Solid state amorphization (electron irradiation)>Solid state amorphization]]
--[[Database>Database, Solid state amorphization]]
--[[Crystal-to-Amorphous-to-Crystal (C-A-C) transition]]
--[[Relationship between SSA and Martensite transformation]]
-[[Crystallization (electron irradiation)>Crystallization]] update 2014/09/01
--[[Database>Database, Crystallization]]
--[[Crystal-to-Amorphous-to-Crystal (C-A-C) transition]]
--[[Defects in an amorphous phase - Free volume like defects and Anti Free like defects]]
--[[Pinpoint nanocrystallization of an amorphous phase]]

**Material modification by electron irradiation - electronic excitation [#e9e6bb38]
-[[Synthesis of silicides at metal/SiOx interface]]
-[[Formation of metallic amorphous at metal/SiOx interface]]

**Casting and solidification [#v1f15551]
-[[Liquid phase separation]]
--[[Multi-step liquid phase separation>Liquid phase separation]]
--[[Nano-scale phase separated structure]]
--[[Macroscopically phase separated melt-spun ribbon]]
--[[Macroscopically phase separated wire]]
-[[Amorphous wire and rapidly solidified alloy wire]]
--[[Amorphous wire>Amorphous wire and rapidly solidified alloy wire]]
--[[Macroscopically phase separated wire]]
--[[Ti-based wire for for biomedical application]]

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